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Askis Limited, was formed in 2010 by Kathy Byrne and makes your cash investments work harder for you. Using specialist money market knowledge and relationships with banks:

  • Askis improves your cash return, so you earn more on your cash
  • Askis helps you manage default risk, so you don't need to worry about your cash being safe
  • Askis saves you time by regularly reviewing your cash holdings, so you have time to do the things that interest you
This gives you the peace of mind that your cash investments are being safely looked after for you.

Our sister website www.AskCashAdviser.com provides information on cash investment options available to advisers, companies and individuals.

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Contact Us

If you are a company or IFA with cash to invest, please contact us now for your tailored cash solution.

photo Kathy Byrne, Managing Director
Askis Limited,
Sparrows House,
Claydon Lane,
Chalfont St Peter,
SL9 8JU.

Phone: 07973 297549

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